Rod Cassidy

Rod Cassidy is an experienced bird watcher and wildlife tour leader. He has been leading tours for over 20Rod Cassidy years and has been to many places from the Antarctic to the tropical forests of the Congo. His specific interests are in Africa - birds, small mammals (especially bats) and large primates (chimpanzees and gorillas). But forests anywhere in the world fascinate him. His love for wildlife started at a very young age. At school he was already an avid birdwatcher and with this interest and focus on birds he started his career at the Fitzpatrick Institute for Ornithology, University of Cape Town. He worked on various research projects, which took him to the Antarctic, Subantarctic islands (Marion Island) and the Cape Province. Later he joined the Transvaal Museum in Pretoria where he worked with researchers in birds and small mammals, particularly bats. At that time (1982) he also started teaching bird identification courses and leading bird trips.