For visa requirements: several of our USA clients have used the following company successfully:
George Ramser of A Briggs Passport & Visa Expeditors

Camping and outdoor equipment (South Africa):
Friendly and experienced with a variety of equipment  we have used this company for clothing and camping equipment.

Information on malaria and other health issues.

Birding Links:
For books and equipment
Comprehensive stock of books equipment, sounds.
Wildsounds run a "Commission for Conservation" programme. For referred purchases 3% donated to Birdlife

African Bird Club

Oriental Bird Club:

Mammal links

General reading and interest
National Geographic. Notes from an explorer, beginning at Nouabale-Ndoki National Park and trekking all the way to the coast.
“For 15 months Wildlife Conservation Society biologist J. Michael Fay hiked across central Africa (map)—2,000 miles (3,200 kilometers) through dense forests and remote villages—to Africa’s Atlantic coast.”
General Panda information

Interesting links:
Photography by Warwick Tarboton of birds, dragon flies and other creatures.
Site for information on how to find the mammals of the world by Jon Hall