Silver Safaris Bird tours

For the last twenty years we have been going to countries in Africa and South East Asia, concentrating on birding but sometimes taking time to appreciate some of the unique fauna e.g. Orangutan, Gorillas and Pandas.
Rod’s latest project is Sangha lodge near the Dzangha- Sangha Reserve where although there are basic bird lists for the reserve we are adding more and more new species for the general area. We are delighted to be able to show birders some very rare and special birds and invite you to join us in this exciting venture.
We are now creating birding tours for you into CAR and Cameroon and possibly even into the adjacent areas where we know only a few birders have been.
To go birding in the area you can join us at the lodge or a group e.g. Rockjumper who are now the first birding company to venture into the exciting area. Another possibility is for you to organize your own group (6to8) and contact us directly and arrange a trip accordingly. For individuals and couples wanting to travel alone contact us and we will try accommodating you although the transport costs will be more expensive.
You may also refer to the Sangha lodge website.
Tours to the following countries are available:
Dzanga-Sangha Protected Area