Uganda Birds and Primates
As this is primarily a birding trip, Gorilla tracking is optional, and all prices exclude both Gorilla and Chimpanzee tracking permits.
Day 1. On arrival at Entebbe in the evening we drive directly to the hotel.
Day 2. Up early and packed and out on the road to Murchison falls, the long drive will be broken with a few breaks for snacks and lunch. We may see a few of the regions special birds including Lady Ross’s Turaco. Overnight Murchison Falls
Day 3 & 4. An early, drive in the woodland near our lodge will see the first of the mammals of the region, possibly Buffalos and Uganda Kob, while some colorful birds will impress all, these may include Black Headed Gonolek and Red Throated Bee Eater.
Later we’ll take a boat ride down the Nile to the estuary at Lake Albert. Along the banks we will look for a variety of game and expect to see Elephants, a variety of antelope, Giraffe, Buffalos, baboons, and a host of great birds with the ultimate being the Bizarre Shoebill. In the water no one will fail to be impressed by the densities of hippos in these waters. This river has the highest density of hippos in the world. We have some relaxing time in the afternoon before we have an evening drive in the hope of finding something exciting like Leopard or Serval. Nights at Murchison Falls
Day 5. Another game drive to the Murchison falls and a walk in this are will amaze all, the force of this mighty river channeled through a gap that a reasonable Olympic long-jumper could probably jump across.Returning to our lodge for lunch, we head out to Masindi, for an overnight stay.
Day 6. Today we spend the day birding and walking in the Budongo forest; we expect to see a good variety of birds including African Dwarf Kingfisher, Chocolate Backed Kingfisher, Blue Breasted Kingfisher and variety of Woodpeckers and Barbets. While this is our first chance to see Chimpanzees, and we may run into them, we can also expect several species of monkey such as Black & white Colobus, and red-tailed Monkey.
Day 7. We make an early start from Masindi south to Fort Portal and Kibale Forest. Birds possible along the road include Red Headed Lovebird White Crested Turaco and Black Bellied Fire finch.
Day 8, 9 & 10. In our two days here will divide our time between birding the Bigodi marsh and the fantastic Kibale forest, as well as tracking Chimpanzees. This is the best place in Uganda to see chimpanzees, and we will devote one morning to a chimpanzee track, and the rest of the time hiking in and birding along the roads in this forest, often turns up more Chimpanzees, but also Le Hoest’s Monkey, Red-tailed Monkey, Gentle Monkey, Olive Baboon and Grey-cheeked Mangabey.
Other wildlife possible here includes, elephant, Leopard, Blue Harveys and Peters Duikers, while if we can organize a guided night walk we may find Potto, 3 species of galagos, and a number of other nocturnal specials.
Day 11, 12. Today we will drive to the Queen Elizabeth national park
where we will spend our time driving the many roads available to us. Here we can expect to see plains game in the numbers we normally associate with east Africa, although the species are a little different, Uganda Kob being the Abundant animal here while other game we can expect to see includes Elephant, Buffalo, warthog, Lion, Leopard, and the Giant forest hog, the special mammal of the park.
Day 13, 14 Leaving our lodge we make our way leisurely through the national park and onwards to Buhoma in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.
Day 15 & 16. Bwindi, the Highlight of any Uganda tour, One day will be committed to Tracking Mountain Gorillas, we will meet at the park HQ and be fully briefed with regards the "dos and don'ts" and then the trek begins. This is undoubtedly the highlight of any Uganda trip, where one comes face to face with these amazing animals for the first time.
On the second day there is the option to do a second Gorilla trek if permits are available [This should be booked and paid for at the Time of booking your tour]
Alternatively a morning's walk in the forest where we will get to appreciate some of the things we had rushed past on our day of Gorilla tracking.
While some of the great birds we might see include Blue Throated Rollers, Black Bee Eaters, Luehders's Bush Shrikes and Bar Tailed Trogons.
Day 17. After a full mornings birding in the Buhoma region we will leave for the town of Mbarara; where we will spend one night.
Day 18. Drive back to Entebbe birding on route. Bird Possibilities on this trip include Red Cheeked Cordon Bleu, Bare Face Go-way Bird, Spot-flanked, White headed, and Red-faced Barbets in the savannah, any papyrus endemics we may have missed, and a number of forest species.